When you refinish wood furniture, you have many options.

Where to Buy Used Furniture

Options Available

When you are looking to buy used furniture, there are many different options available. There are estate sales, yard sales, consignment shops, and online marketplaces. These places all have a variety of furniture that you may be interested in buying. Make sure you choose a piece with high-quality construction and materials. Make sure to look for hand-tied eight-way construction and wrapped foam for cushions. If you’re looking to save money on your furniture, estate sales are an excellent option. Usually, they sell high-quality items at deep discounts. Additionally, they offer a green alternative to buying new, and you can even help preserve the history of a home. In addition to saving money, buying at an estate sale is a unique way to add unique style to your home.

Estate Sales

Most estate sales occur during the week, but some are starting to hold sales on weekends. In order to make the most of your visit, try to get out of work early. This will allow you to shop at a time when there is less traffic. You may also be able to negotiate a better price.


Just make sure to inspect them for holes and clean them well before storing them away. Children’s jackets are especially great for a garage sale.

Find Large

You can also find large furniture at a garage sale. Remember to wait until the end of the day to buy a large item, as sellers are often concerned about transporting it.


In addition, it is best to check for bedbugs if you’re buying upholstered pieces. You can even reupholster old furniture to change it to your liking.


Many charities accept gently-used furniture. You can find a local charity by searching online. Some churches and community groups also have furniture banks. Donating your furniture to these charities is a tax deduction, and you’ll be helping a good cause. Besides, avoid listing your address as your email address. This will help you avoid spam.



You can even donate appliances and kitchen items, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and microwaves.


Donating furniture to the Salvation Army is easy and convenient. You can choose a pickup date, set a pickup date, and more.

Picked up

Once they have picked up your items, you can get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. You can also arrange a pick-up date that suits your schedule.


You can also use Craigslist to find garage sales near you. The website will provide you with a map of sales near you.

Time frame

The next step is to clean the furniture. Before you begin painting, you need to clean it thoroughly using a brush or vacuum. You may also need to clean any metal parts with a wire brush. If the metal is tarnished or damaged, you can fix it with the appropriate metal repair filler. In addition, you can use painter’s tape to protect areas that you don’t want to paint.


If you’re moving to a new neighborhood and want to donate your furniture to a local nonprofit organization, you can use a site like Donation Town. This website works with charities to collect furniture and other items for free. Many of these charities have national programs and pick-up services. You can also donate clothing through Goodwill or other charities.

The process is quick and easy, and your items can be picked up by the charity within 24 hours.